Please Read A note from me to you 

Choosing a wedding photographer to document your day is and should be a very personal decision. It is important to find someone you connect with both as an artist and as a person. I have documented hundreds of weddings and elopements over the past 8 years, and by now I know what inspires me the most and the kind of events and couples that make me perform at my very best. Thus I have decided to only collaborate with non-traditional couples who...

...are not just looking for any photographer but who are excited to work with me specifically

...allow themselves to be open and real in front of my camera, no pretense or pretty posing nature and being outdoors nomatter the season or weather

...are eloping just the two of them or having an intimate celebration with 30 guests or less

...brides who don't care if their dress gets dirty on the bottom or if it starts to rain

...choose to get married outdoors or in locations that are not traditional wedding venues 

...share my passion for exploring, my desire to be a kind and generous human being, and my love of organic food, quality products and wild flowers.

...will always choose beauty over pretty, unique over perfection, and spontenaity over formality.

If you feel that the above is a good description of you, I would love to work with you on your wedding day, and I promise you that I will give you my ALL. I will care just as much about your day as you do. I will be a calm contributing presence, documenting moments as they happen without interferring, and guiding you through the portrait experience, creating authentic images that will not only remind you what your day looked like, but what it felt like! 

I believe weddings are about love and celebration and I happily document partnerships of all genders, colours, and backgrounds.