Danish West Coast Story: Nelli & Søren


This collection of images holds a very special place in my heart. The Danish West coast is the area of Denmark, and maybe even in the world, that inspires me the most. The place always (both figuratively and literally speaking) blows life into me, into my dreams and idaes and fills me with energy. Never ending soft beaches, white sand dunes, dusty sage coloured grasses with beautiful golden seed heads waving in the wind like cats' tails, frothing waves as high as yourself, deep quiet woods with moss, birch, oak and fir trees. In my opinion, nature doesn't come better than this, and my year does not feel complete until or unless I have been there at least a few times.

Last year I randomly found the blog of graphic designer, Nelli Arnth, online (http://www.honshuset.dk/). She lives with her husband, Søren, on an old farm on the West coast. I immidiately felt a clear but inexplicable desire to write to her, which I did. We ended up exchanging several emails over the winter and discovered we have many things in common. She is some years younger than me and full of life and beautiful naivité in the best possible sense of the word, but simultaneously she is an "old soul" with a calmness and wisdom I have never before met in such a young person. If we had lived in a different age, or if I was an exentric designer, she would be my muse.

When I started planning a series of inspirational nature wedding portrait shoots this spring, I immidiately wrote to her, hoping that she and her husband would be one of my couples for this project. Lucky for me they said yes, and I felt inspired. A story slowly ufolded inside my head, based on their personalities and their home and the nature that surrounds it:

A couple slowly wakes up togeher. The man makes coffee and sits down to write his vows outside while the woman ventures into the woods to cut ferns for her own bouquet. They help eachother get dressed, walk through the woods to the sea, where they exchange vows and rings, just the two of them alone in the sand dunes. They eat lunch and rest in the sun, before dning the day by playing around in the water at sunset.

Nelli was great to collaborate with and they both gave it their ALL on the day of the shoot. I couldn't have asked for more. And I couldn't have brought this story to life without them. Our focus was our shared love of this piece of incredible Danish nature and the "theme" that just because you are not planning a big expensive elaborate wedding day with tons of guests, even if you want to be just the two of you, there are still memories worth capturing and a story worth telling. 

We wanted to keep the whole day very low-key and down to earth, and since ferns are my favourite plant (which you can also see in logo :) we decided to make a bouquet entirely out of this elegant green queen of the woods. Nelli wore her own wedding dress, which was also her mother's.