Cathrine & Adam

I don't know where to begin with this day. I don't know how to put into words the love I witnessed and captured on Adam and Cathrine's wedding day back in August.

Our collaboration came to be (by wedding photography standards) kind of "last minute", and their wedding date was on the day before I had to leave for an extensive Norway roadtrip (culminating with Live & Georg's wedding near Stavanger one week later). I have to admit, that when Adam woke me up around 4 am on the night of their wedding because we had agreed I would round off their wedding story with them jumping in the freezing pool at Havreholm, and I knew I had to start the long drive to Oslo just a few hours later, I really had to pull myself together to get up and out. But from Cathrine's very first email, and through the many many emails we exchanged subsequently, and the meeting we had at their home on Frederiksberg on a beautiful July morning going over their plans, the couple's incredible warmth and positivity won me over.

Cathrine and Adam have been a couple for many years, and as I have been with my now husband since I was 19 years old, I know from personal experience how challenging and beautiful it can be to "grow up" together, staying in love and staying devoted as you develop from teenagers to adults and develop a genuine partnership in the best sense of the word.

I hope that warmth, joy and love comes through in their story below . . .

We started the day at Hotel Guldsmeden with a pair of vintage Valentino heels and a slightly heavy sky in the same colour.

To me, Cathrine was the perfect combination of greek goddess (with her winged heels and braid and wreath) and playfully cool (with her dotted Yolan Cris dress and silver jacket)

Off to a great start, I was a happy, although slightly stressed, photographer as I ran from the hotel to the church a few streets away to meet up with Adam and his brother.

Every priest is different and unfortunately I was not allowed to shoot anything at all! (grumpy pointed finger and all) during the ceremony itself. I am always bummed out when this happens (which is also one of the reasons why I love civil and/or outdoor ceremonies) as there were SO many lovely memorable moments that I was forced to passively watch pass me by. However, the day quickly moved ahead with all the happy faces, laughs, and hugs following the ceremony.

After the ceremony, Cathrine and Adam walked back to their home, hand in hand followed by all their guests to celebrate with an informal reception in the beautifully decorated courtyard by their house.

The get-away car was the cutest ever perfectly colour coordinated green and white classic VW :)

By the time we made it back into the city, where the couple changed into their James Bond inspired evening attires, it was pouring down rain, and portrait photography options were limited, but I did manage to get a few shots while we were on the move.

After a quick change of a dress (literally, as Cathrine changed into her second dress of the day, a sparkly Jenny Packham design) all three of us got back into the VW and headed North towards Havreholm. What unfolded during this drive was not only a quick but thoughtful stop at Adam's father's grave (of which the couple has requested to keep the images private, which of course I respect) but also one of the single most moving experiences of my career as a wedding photographer. And that is saying a lot because over the past 8 years I have been blessed with the kindest clients who have given me insight into their lives with both love and sorrows. 

I sat there, squashed down on the tiny backseat of that tiny VW, soaked through by the rain, listening to Adam and Cathrine's favourite songs, watching her lovingly stroke the wet curls off his forehead, observing the skin around his eyes wrinkle in the rearview mirror every time he smiled at her. Trying to give them a bit of privacy even within that tiny space, watching the rain clouds roll in and darken the sea as we drove up along the coast. I was moved to tears that whole ride, for no other reason that it was just a beautiful beautiful moment, and weirdly enough it also felt like a "goodbye", like a full-circle perfect delicate memory to "end" something with. As it turned out, that following week as I drove across Norway all on my own I did decide that 2016 would be my last year of a full and busy travel schedule, and my last year of weddings being the primary focus of my photography business. I was ready to move on, change focus, evolve.

When I first opened the door to the barn at Havreholm, I did have a "Oh my God, I will die" photographer panic attack because there was basically NO light even though it was still daytime at this point. But I did my very best to capture the amazing intimate and cosy atmopshere that unfolded throughout the night, as well as the incredibly stylish table setting. 

Dear Cathrine and Adam, thankyou for being so open with me during the planning process, thankyou for putting your trust in me and making me feel welcome and valued throughout the whole wedding day, and thankyou for letting me capture your crazy, beautiful, playful, cosy, sad, thoughtful, intimate, joyful, moving day. You are an inspiring couple.

Make-up: Sara Rostrup / Hair: Studio Cim Mahony / Dresses: Yolan Cris & Jenny Packham hos Maria Fekih / Silver Jacket: Nørgaard /  / Flowers: Blomsterskuret / Si / Videographer: Sergio from Storybook Studio / Ice Cream: Østerberg Is / Coffee truck: Kalles Kaffe / Reception venue: Havreholm Slot / Tablesetting and rentals: A Table Story /