End of Another Year

I can't believe I am already sitting here again, going through folder after folder of this year's images. Photographs of people and places... moments. Moments that mattered. Mattered to the people in the photos and mattered to me. Once again I am filled with so much gratitude. My favourite part of my job is having a creative outlet and connecting with other people from all around the world, people who share my values as well as people who challenge me to better understand myself and gain knowledge.

I want to grow and learn. And there has been amazing opportunity for that this year (again). I have travelled. Seen places I have always dreamed of and places I never knew existed.

This year I started off by adding 'authentic' to my business logo. I wanted it to be perfectly clear that I desire to tell stories and create images of people that are authentic. real. honest. spontaneous. natural.

I used to be so caught up in 'perfect'. But I have come to see that the world of 'perfect' is not for me. I used to think that for a wedding photograph to be 'perfect' it should be perfectly styled from beginning to end and in every little detail, and bathed in warm golden California light. What a joke I played on myself and what pressure I put on myself. I live in Scandinavia, and although we are blessed with many beautiful sunny days, there are also many grey and rainy and foggy ones. And for a few months in the winter, we basically have no light at all. Since I have no plans to move to California, I had two choices:

  1. I could continue to strive for those "perfect" photos and lose 95% of the time, letting myself down and always be disappointed in my own skill, or...
  2. I could choose to rediscover and embrace the artist within me (I was far more creative, adventurous and sponteneous with my art when I was drawing and painting in my teen years, than I have been for the past few years with my cameras). I could choose to let the day, the people and everything else be what it was and create beauty and content based on that.

I chose the latter. This does not mean that I will never again shoot a beautiful warm backlit portrait, but it does mean that I will also embrace the many other shapes and forms of light when they appear instead of trying to make them into something they are not. So this year for me. in my business and my life, has been all about authenticity, imperfection, and adventure. I have nourished my sense of adventure when I have had my camera in hand. Played with light and compositions in ways that I have never done before. I have shot more personal work this year.  And I like it. I feel more free, and by feeling more free I believe I will create better work.

So don't call me if you want inches taken off your waist or arm in photoshop. Don't book me if you can't embrace who you are at this point in your life or if you want lots of traditional look-straight-into-the-camera shots or click after click of posed family portraits.

But if you are someone who is comfortable being you, just as you are, whatever your gender, culture, size, style, colour or nationality. If you are ready to bring everything you have to the table and to this collaboration. If you feel strongly that your wedding day should be about you and not how you can fit into the idea of what a wedding is, then please get in touch and tell me all about your plans.

It's been a beautiful busy year, and now I am looking forward to spending a few weeks offline (no blogging, no facebook, no pinterest or instagramming, no netflix). I will spend this time walking on the beach with my kids collecting driftwood and sea shells, taking afternoon naps with the cat on my stomach, reading books, having dinner with my husband, talking to friends, get back into my yoga routine, going for a run, slowing down completely so I will be refreshed and full of energy and creativity for all the beautiful people and experiences waiting for me in 2016.