Elopement Portrait Session in Svanninge Bakker


Ena and Nikolas joined me on a lovely summer evening in June at the beautiful Svanninge Bakker on the South of Fyn. Together we explored these hills which were created by glaciers during the last ice age and have been settled by  humans since the stoneage. The landscape is by international standards relatively humble but by Danish standards this is a quite unique and fascinating area. It is also my idea of a perfect location for wedding portraits. My wanderlust is just as incurable as the next person's and day dreams of Norway, Iceland and Scotland are frequent. But I am also encouraging myself to observe and explore and be inspired by the natural landscape of my own little country. And I am so proud of this collection of images I created with Ena and Nikolas.

After the first part of our shoot, where Ena wore a dress from ASOS and a knitted cape from Draped in Lace, she changed into her mother's wedding dress and we captured a few more moments before the last light disappeared.