Emily & Andreas


I hardly know how to write about this day. Emily and Andreas' daughter goes to school with my daughter Ida, and they are some of the most down to earth fun kind people I know. At the same time, having known them for only about a year, I know that I have barely scratched the surface of who they are. I was "attracted" to Emily from the first minute I met her, as in the way I always am when I (without being able to know for sure) get the distinct "spidey-sense" feeling that I am standing in front of a person who knows the darker side of life, just like I do. In the way that I feel there could be the potential for a great friendship.

When I learned that she and Andreas were planning a surprise wedding in their own backyard with just their very closest family members present I didn't hesitate for a second to offer to come by and photograph the event. I just knew I had to.

Back when I started as a wedding photographer almost 10 years ago, I was dying to get those very styled, visual and detail oriented wedding bookings. Over the years I got those and enjoyed shooting them for awhile. But now my heart beats strongest for the weddings and elopements where it is truly the PEOPLE and the MOMENTS, the EXPERIENCE, the LOVE that is the center of attention. Emily and Andreas' wedding day was one of those, and even putting together their blog post just know, tears started to swell in my eyes again.

As of October 2017 and onwards I will only be photographing elopements, but if you are planning a wedding day similar to Emily and Andreas' you might be able to pursuade me to document that too. 2018 will most likely be my last year as a wedding photographer, but I think if I could photograph wedding days like this every day, I would be able to be a wedding photographer for many more years into the future. Complete creative freedom, no stress, no expectations, just capturing truthful personal moments for down-to-earth-people.

So here we go: a day that included a backyard, lots of love, a pair of red shoes, a lively puppy named Eddie, gentle summer rain, and a very special bottle of red wine that Emily's mother brought, picked out by Emily's stepfather for this special occasion before he died.