Charlotte & Henry


"Dear Camilla, Thank you so so SO much for our wonderful collection of wedding photos. We absolutely love them!!! You were such a joy to have with us on our wedding day and you have captured not just the moment but the memories as well! We are already in talks about coming back to Ærø for our 1 year. Hopefully see you again! Warm regards Charlotte & Henry" 

I joined Charlotte and her family for their last few minutes of getting ready at Andelen Guesthouse on a clear sunny autumn day. I had only been there for a few minutes when I knew this was gonna be a great day and a fun shoot. The atmosphere was informal and fun, and Charlotte's kindness and laughter made my day. 

When everyone was ready, we all walked to the town square to meet up with Henry and his family before their ceremony in the Old Merchant's Court perfectly planned by Danish Island Weddings who also created the most beautiful autumn bouquets for Charlotte and her bridesmaids.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and included both laughs and happy tears. The couple had chosen to read personal vows and instead of exchanging rings they literally 'tied the knot' :-)

At a big traditional wedding most people have a general idea of what's going to happen when and what is expected of them. But when I photograph these intimate and to a large extent untraditional events with Danish Island Weddings (which I love) I often experience families/guests who are hesitant or unsure about how to act because there are no real "rules" to follow. Often people are afraid to go hug or congratulate the couple, or afraid to do something "wrong". That was not the case with Charlotte and Henry's families. Even though they'd all just met eachother the day before, everyone got up immidiately and started to hug eachother even before the couple had signed the documents, and it was wonderful to see the heartfelt connection between the two families.

After a sip of champagne the couple and I headed out for a walk around town and the harbour

When we came back Charlotte and Henry joined their families for a drink in the courtyard at Den Gamle Købmandsgaard before heading inside the cafe for their reception. I left them to celebrate in peace and drove home with a happy heart. What a great day! :-)