Tisvildeleje Wedding: Tine & Emil


When Tine first wrote me and described the atmosphere of barefoot luxury that she and fiancé Emil wanted for their wedding day at Tisvildeleje Strandhotel north of Copenhagen, I knew I wanted to shoot their wedding. And when they told me that they had planned for a very relaxed day with an open schedule that left plenty of time for them and their guests to just 'be', and talk and enjoy eachother's company, I was overjoyed.

So many wedding days are run on a very tight schedule, and it can be extremely stressful as a photographer to capture it all, with that constant feeling at the back of your head that things are always a little behind schedule. A slower pace definitely gives the guests time to get to know eachother, creating a more fun, intimate and relaxed environment for everyone invloved. On top of this it gives me as photographer the possibility of being sponteneous and be able to act on creative ideas.

When I arrived at Tine's hotel room on the morning of the wedding, she greeted me with a warm smile and a welcoming hug. Despite a few unexpected last minute problems the day before, the rain clouds only letting the sun peek out here and there, and the fuss of activity around her in the room with people coming and going, she remained calm and spoke to everyone in a soft tone that made you feel like a valued part of the day. Not only is she very beautiful and has impeccable taste, she is also one of the sweetest people I have ever met. And as I got to know Emil a little better over the course of the day, I saw clearly that he was a good match for her: calm, confident and affectionate. Even now, 7 years into my business as a wedding photographer I feel humbled by how much trust I am shown, how my clients and their families (who have never met me before) accept my presence there and welcome me, a virtual stranger, into their lives.

Tisvildeleje is one of my favourite places in Denmark. There is something quite exotic and foreign about the way the narrow road winds up and down and left and right through the town, and the beach and wooded areas have the same undefinable 'something' as I find on the Danish West coast. That 'something' that is a huge inspiration to me every time I go.

I shot both digital and film for their wedding day, so the photos below are a mix of the two.