E & J Chamonix wedding - Pre Wedding Day Hike


In June I jumped on a plane to Geneve Airport, to photograph the second part of E & J's wedding celebration. This time in Chamonix surrounded by the French Alps. As a true Scandinavian I always struggle slightly in 25+ celcius humid heat, so when I met up with the couple the day before the wedding for a little hike up the mountains, I quickly felt relly sick and had to sit down for a few minutes. My mind was gong crazy thinking how ashamed I was if I had to cancel the day's portrait shoot, but luckily E and J were so generous and understanding and shortly after I was able to finish the hike without anymore trouble.

I always feel most inspired when I am surrounded by nature on a grand scale. Mountains, huge woods, rivers and thundering waterfalls. Everything that makes me feel small and insignificant, but in the best of ways.

We met only a handful of people during those 3 hours on the trail, and it turned out to be the most beautiful day and the perfect way to start off a unforgettable weekend and what I felt in my heart and mind to be the ultimate finish  to my 9 years as a travelling destination wedding photographer.