Adventurous Elopement on Aeroe Island


On M & J's wedding day last week it was pouring down rain and the whole island turned to mud. But to my delight, the nature loving and adventurous couple we're still all in.

After their quick and easy civil ceremony in the romantic Old Merchant's Court in town arranged by my friends at Danish Island Weddings, we took a drive along the North coast of the island to find great spots for their portrait session. Working with couples like M and J I feel completely FREE! When the couple are relaxed about their attire (no one is fussing about a veil in the wind or a dress getting dirty), their physical appearance (no one tells me to only photograp them from their "good side"), and just want to ENJOY, live, laugh and be with eachother, those are the times I create my best work and enjoy my job the most.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the couple's jobs, I am only able to share a snippet of the photos we created together, but I hope the few photos below will still convey the adventurous spirit and intimacy of the day :-)