Rani & Scott


Rani and Scott travelled all the way from Australia to get married on Aeroe island with the help of Danish Island Weddings who also created the incredible wild flower bouquet. With just their closest friends present and family members following along from the other side of the globe via Skype, the couple tied the knot in the garden at Sigridsminde in an emotional intimate ceremony.

Rani is a passionate photographer as well, so she and I connected over that (I think we could have talked about creative life for hours and hours, and Scott and I exchanged experiences and views of country life in our two very different countries.

After their ceremony and a short portrait session, I met up with them later in the evening and we headed to the beach for a sunset portrait session. At one point near the end, I looked at the beautiful sky and the waves rolling in and I asked the couple if they would let me "deconstruct" their looks and make it less formal. They were instantly on board, so while Scott took off his tie, jacket and shoes, I pulled out one hairpin after another from Rani's hair, and we all three walked into the water.

"Dear Camilla, such a heartwarming surprise to open my email this morning and find your name with our photos! WOW.......... You have blown us away with your view of our wedding day. I have been shedding tears of joy and gratitude <3
Thank you for so much..... it has been pretty surreal to find so many precious and magical moments with us in it! I could not be more delighted and in awe of how you captured us...... If I could ferry back to the island to give you a giant hug I would.
Love Rani and Scott"

As you can obviously tell, both of them are incredibly beautiful people, but what I need to emphasise is how incredibly kind there are too. Just genuinely GOOD people! I felt valued and understood as a human being and as a photographer, and - most importantly - trusted! I felt completely free to create!