Chapter 9: The Emergency Kit

Wedding days can be chaotic and messy. Here is a list of some of the things I/the couple/someone in the wedding have often needed but didn't have. I know this is not part of the job description, but I also can't tell you how much joy you can bring by having some of this stuff on you when it's really needed and no one else have thought of it. All of the items listed below are (of course) in addition to your own back-up gear and everything you need to do your actual job.

I don't bring this kit for elopement shoots, as those sessions are relatively short and uncomplicated. But for full on wedding days at up towards 18 hours all over the country and abroad, this is what I would bring. So this is my wedding photographer "emergency" kit that you can easily fit into your bag to go above and beyond your clients' expectations and pull out just when it's needed the most and no one else have thought of it:

  • Sowing kit (like one of those little ones you sometimes find in hotel rooms or buy in outdoors shops) with white thread. 

  • A mini flashlight (mostly for you own sake. I have tripped in the dark several times walking outside to get a nightime shot of the venue. Once I even forgot about a big sunken bonfire area on the field outside the tent. Ouch!! :-D )

  • Breath mints

  • Post its and a pen

  • Safety pins

  • Hair pins

  • 2-3 small amateur-size memory cards for cameras ( I don't know how many times wedding guests, and one time the "official" videographer too, have come up to me and asked if I had any extra memory cards because they ran out of space)

  • Stain remover

  • List of the different adresses where you need to be during the day, as well as times

  • List of phone numbers for couple, best man, maid of honour, mothers and or fathers of the couple

  • A physical map if you are far from home and your phone/digital map dies

  • Tape

  • Tissues

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