Chapter 6: Build Your Email List

My biggest regret business wise along with not getting on Instagram sooner, is that I never got around to building an email list. I have done it since to a small degree when I started to market this course, and I am doing it quite succesfully right now with my other business, Sigridsminde, so I know what a powerful tool it is. But I never did it with my wedding photography clients. I always communicated with them on a one-on-one basis.

The power of the list is that when and if you ever need to make some extra money, you have potential clients on your list who already knows and trusts you and who you can reach all at once by writing just one email.

You can offer anniversary portraits or of course the most obvious one: kids and family portraits. Most of your couples will slowly start to have children if they didn't already have them before they got married. Either way, you have the potential to be their go-to photographer for the rest of their lives.

Social media is, neither as a free service nor as a paid one, a reliable way to stay connected to your clients.

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