Chapter 1: Intro To Marketing

There are many channels to market your wedding photography business both before during and after a wedding day, but there are generally speaking only two ways to approach this.

The first way is what I see many photographers do, and which I did too for the longest time during my most stressful periods: desperate last minute reactions to an empty calendar or bank account, that may bring in a bit of money right now, but won't create a sustainable stable flow of clients or income long term. A lack of clients could cause you to freak out and lower your prices overall or suddenly offer a discount. If you are acting out of "desperation" it often leads to booking non-ideal clients, the kind who don't really appreciate you and your work.

The second way is to approach marketing, not by accident, but as a continuous intentional act. Be strategic about it. Making a plan and sticking to it!

Two of the main ingredients for a successful business are time and consistency, which means patience and doing the work!

Creating Your Marketing Plan:

Sit down and work out your marketing plan for the next 12 months — then break it into quarters. To make it digestible choose one “big idea” for each quarter. One example might be "build a regular blogging routine" or “network with 5 wedding vendors”.

So, for the whole year, you should come up with 4 big ideas. Now, look back at each quarter, work the idea backwards, breaking it into as small tasks and parts as possible. Write out and schedule everything you need to do to make each big idea happen. And don't just write it down, schedule it — schedule every step it will take to accomplish that big idea. Put them all in your calendar. And remember... patience and doing the work! If you do, that calendar for the year which may be making you anxious right now could look completely different next year. But if you keep postponing the work, the effects of it will also be postponed.

There are many ways to communicate with your potential clients and market your business. Considering your interests, strengths and weaknesses, your personal life and everyday habits how do you want to bring value:

  • Youtube videos

  • Podcast episodes

  • Blog posts

  • Facebook posts

  • Twitter posts

  • Pinterst posts

  • Instagram posts

  • In person meetings

  • Skype meetings

  • Facebook live

  • Pdf's

  • Issuu magazines

List the ones you are already doing and would like to continue doing or ones you have the interest and knowledge to start doing right now.

List others that you would actually like to be doing but you feel like you need more information on or know-how.

And finally list the ones you have absolutely no interest in pursuing. Many times, knowing what you don't want can be just as educational as figuring out what you do want. Take into consideration where your ideal client likes to hang out online and how they typically prefer consuming information or offers.

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