Where are you based?

I live on the small island Ærø in the South of Denmark. 

Do you travel for weddings and other photography assignments?

As of 2018 and onwards I will be photographing elopements here on the island only. But I have travelled all over Denmark, Europe and beyond for weddings and photoshoots for several years  (including Texas, Norway, Portugal, Italy, and France).

Why do you only shoot elopements?

After 10 years of shooting full time, I have found that elopements really light my creative fire. I love working with people who do things differently and while big wedding days can be lovely, there is a natural informality and intimacy about elopements. When couples come here alone and we explore the island together, capturing their love and adventure, there is so much creative freedom in that. 

Why do you only work with Danish Island Weddings?

Primarily for one simple reason, they are the BEST! They are local and have access to lots of exclusive venues and locations + they are the kindest most professional people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. When I work with a Danish Island Weddings couple I always know everyone will have a wonderful experience.

Can we meet in person before our wedding day?

Since 99% of my clients are international couples who travel from far away,  I very rarely get to meet them before their wedding day. But I am very transparent on my website, blog and instagram, so by the time the wedding day comes around, my couples usually feel like they know me even though we haven't met face to face :-)

How many photos will we get?

This of course depends primarily on how much time you book me for. Secondly, it depends on weather, light, and season, your plans for the day and how much is going on, as well as your personalities and dynamic as a couple (the more adventurous and free-spirited you are, and the more relaxed you feel in front of the camera, the more photos we can create together). But you can expect around 50 edited images per hour of shooting.

When and how do we receive our photos?

I am usually able to deliver your images within 1 week. You will receive your high res images as digital files in a PASS online gallery easily accessible via your phone and computer, where they will be safely stored for 10 years. From there you can share your favourites with family and friends around the world and download them to your own harddrive. You will receive an email from me with instructions as well as a direct link from the gallery as soon as it is ready. But it is really straighforward and most of my clients find it super easy to use.

Can we buy or see the RAW files/unedited images that were not selected for our final gallery?

Sorry, but no. Curating the final collection of images that best tell your story is part of what I do. I am very good at my job, so there are very few rejects. I would never sit on great images that could bring you joy. The only ones that don't make the cut are things like blinks/unfortunate facial expressions, duplicate images, exposure "errors" etc. Images that - believe me - you don't want to see anyway ;-)

Can we give you a list of moments we want captured and a link to a Pinterest board with beautiful wedding portraits we love?

Nope :-) I love to get to know you, and for you to tell me as much about your wedding day as possible, objects that have special meaning to you, experiences that have shaped you etc. But I do not work from a shot list as I believe your day is a one-of-a-kind experience and I want to capture that as it unfolds. You are unique people with a unique chemistry and personality, and that is what I want to portray for you. I am not interested in re-creating other people's moments or other photographers' work.

Can you photoshop me younger/thinner/prettier?

No, I am all about keeping it authentic, so aside from very small corrections (like a zit or injury in close-up shots) I think people are beautiful just as they are :-)  I prefer working with couples who embrace their unique "imperfections" and the unplanned moments of their day.