Marta & Amogh

Ærø island, Denmark

"Dear Camilla, thank you so much for making our day so peaceful and unique. We really felt perfectly at home with you and it did not feel at all difficult to be ourselves even in front of the camera. And the island... Such a dear memory, every single moment there. The landscapes, the air, the warmth, the pastel colours. In the evening we returned to the beach, playing in water and sand in the everlasting Scandinavian sun. 

I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed looking at the pictures - they did exactly what you promised, reminded us of how the day felt like. When we were deciding about working with you, we thought that we would like it to be our wedding present for ourselves, and today we were enjoying this present beyond words.

We were so happy to revisit the charms of Aero, the blackberry flowers, the green paths, the clouds - what sense of space there is in these images - the ever changing light... The beautiful people, Yuki and Louise, they made the day so great for us. And of course ourselves! I did see your work before and many times over the weeks I fantasized about how the images might be like, but they actually carry so much more emotions than we expected... We spoke about how we could not recall the 'process' of photographing the ceremony, how you were somehow invisible there. Meanwhile, you managed to capture all the specialness and emotion the moment had for us. The getting ready photos are actually a great beginning (as you said) and they perfectly reflect this exciting, yet peaceful time we had. The session afterwards is so effortlessly stunning - in the perfectly beautiful surroundings you made us feel beautiful ourselves, part of this space and rooted in this moment. Thank you so much, Camilla - both the day spent with you and the work we can now enjoy are our treasures. We will for sure meet again."