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10 years ago I photographed my first wedding. Like for so many other self-taught photographers it happened kind of by chance. An opportunity arose and I took it. Up until that point I had never been able to imagine a career ahead of me except for "normal" passionless jobs or being a stay at home mom. Before that day my creativity was taking a back seat, being a hobby, something I spent every free minute on, but not something I ever though of as an opportunity for work.

In saying yes to photographing that wedding, a whole new path opened up ahead of me, and I quickly found idols and unknowing "mentors" online. People who were ahead of me on this path and whose images and blogposts I could study every night, while I practiced every day. Pursuing this path became ALL-CONSUMING. For every couple I photographed, I learned something new and made it my mission to do that specific thing better at the next shoot.

Once I reached a level of work where I felt proud every time I delivered the images to my client, I realised I needed to start studying business instead. So that's what I did, and although that relationship was not as passtionate as that with photography I knew it was a necessary evil, and slowly I started loving business too. Because I knew that it was the business side that enabled my photography and my ability to do what I loved for a living. Once I felt I had a lot of my business under control, I started studying branding.

I never stopped being a student. The past 10 years have been a non-stop study of photography and business and branding and creativity and life.

I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished, but I also paid a steep price. My health has taken a serious beating (one that I still feel the effects of almost every day), as did my relationship with my husband, and my responsibilities as a mother have been in constant conflict with this passion pursuit.

For years now my big goal has been to make both the photographer community itself as well as our clients understand the depth of our dediction to the job and how natural and right it ought to be to be compensated financially on a level that equals that dedication and the pure value we provide so we can build sustainable businesses and lives. 

If, by sharing my hard earned knowledge, I can encourage a new generation of photographers to pursue our shared passion in a way that is more gentle and balanced and full of respect for ourselves and our craft, it will all have been worth it. And that is why I have created this course for you!

I WANT you to succeed. I WANT you to create work that makes you happy and fulfilled. I want you to build relationships with others in this business and see partners and friends and colleagues where others might see competition or foes. I WANT you to service your client with all that you are and all that you have. I want you to capture memories and create art. And I want you to be compensated for it. And for you to be able to take that paycheck without feeling guilty or feeling like a fraud, but feeling like it is an equal exchange of value.

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