Questionnaire for your one-on-one workshop experience 

I am so looking forward to welcoming you here on Aeroe and to help you on your way to achieve your goals in life and business.

But first I need to know as much about you and your business as possible. The more I know the better I can tailor this experience for you :-)

Let's get started:

Name *
town/area and country
As an example: my three are Thoughtful, Calm and Creative
Type of location (it can be broad or a specific venue you aspire to shoot at), indoor/outdoor ceremony, decor style, destination or local, big or intimate or maybe elopements etc.
Their personality, interests, what they do for a living, where do they go on vacation, where do they shop, what would they wear on their wedding day etc
As an example, for me it is working in my garden, meditating, mountain landscapes, and cooking shows and documentaries like Chef's Table

Now! Your "homework". I can tell you everything I know, show you everything I do in my business to service my clients, and share all my "secrets", but if you don't do the work, it will not matter. Your active participation and commitment to implement these changes and make them happen, and continue to make them happen, will make or break the results you get from this workshop.

1. If you don't already own it, buy and read Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic!!

2. Before you arrive, buy  or grab a notebook and write down any and ALL questions you may have for me, leave lots of space below on each page so you can write down the answers as we go along. It will be an intense couple of days loaded with important information and you will never be able to remember half of it in your head. Take notes.

3. Create a secret Pinterest board with inspiration for your logo and visual branding (including bio portrait / "headshots" you love)

4. Create a secret Pinterest board with inspiration for your dream clients/wedding/shoot

5. Sign up for Marie Forleo's newsletter / Marie TV notifications (so much valuable free information and motivation for female entrepreneurs)

6. Create an account at and watch as many of their free on-air business and photography classes as you can (remember to take notes)

7. Accept here and now that running your own business is hard hard work and it NEVER gets easier, but you slowly get better at it ;-)

8. Remember there is a significant difference between inspiration and imitation. You should aspire to create and grow based on the former.